Best Luxury Resorts in Ranthambore National Park

If you are a nature lover and a wildlife enthusiast, come to Ranthambhore National Park. Located in the Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan, India; this famous National Park is spread over 400 Sq Km of land. Boarding and lodging options for tourists around near this park are aplenty. There are a number of luxury resorts in Ranthambhore which provide top class facilities. So stay over at one of these top resorts during your Ranthambhore wildlife tour and discover a world of relaxation & indulgence.


The Oberoi Vanyavilas is a top luxury jungle resort located on the edge of the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve. It serves as a perfect base from which you can explore the territories of the majestic tiger very easily.

The picture-perfect setting, the beautiful man-made watercourse and the sun-kissed private decks of Vanyavilas; all welcome you to this exotic resort that stands against a perfect contrast to the ruggedness of the jungle.


Aman-i-Khás is an encampment consisting of just 10 unique canopy tents. It is situated on the edge of Ranthambore National Park and offers its guests exceptional levels of comfort in a pristine wilderness of the national park. Being remote and secluded, Aman-i-Khás is a true haven of tranquility.

You will find that the resort tents reflect design and art of the Moghul era. The camp’s central outdoor fireplace as well as the breathtaking vistas of the Aravalli Hills will create a perfect jungle safari ambience for you.


Taj Sawai Madhopur lodge is located amidst 12 acres of lush green land and is at a 20 minutes drive from the Ranthambore National Park. This 80 year old hunting lodge exudes a rustic & earthy charm which will remind you of the ear of the Maharajas of India.

You can look forward to 36 well appointed & refurbished rooms out of which 6 are suites with a private courtyard and 2 are deluxe suites that overlook the well maintained front lawns of the lodge. Each guest rooms and suites symbolize rustic style and comfort.


Set in three and a half acres of land, the building of Dev Vilas has been designed in Indo-Saracen style. It inspires romance and adventure amongst tourists on a Ranthambhore wildlife tour. Located nearest to the entrance of the Ranthambhore National Park, Dev Vilas boasts of 19 individually decorated deluxe rooms, 7 tented bungalows and 2 suites. You will find that no two rooms of this resort are alike. Each has been designed in a unique sequence of color, style and ambience.


One of the best places to stay at Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve is the Khem Vilas. Spread over an area of 10 acres of land this resort provides top class luxury in simple yet sophisticated manner. Each accommodation of Khem Vilas is fully equipped with the latest gadgets of luxurious living. In addition to this you will also be offered lip-smacking, vegetarian food from a variety of global cuisines in this resort.

Visit one of the above luxury hotels next time you are on a wildlife tour to Ranthambhore National Park. Ask for a tour package from your tour operator which includes boarding & lodging options in one of the above luxury resorts of Ranthambhore.

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How You Can Enjoy Affordable Exotic Vacations

How can You ensure that your greatly anticipated new exotic vacation is not so expensive that the worry of the eventual cost doesn’t ruin the fun your vacation should bring?

Perhaps you can’t afford to throw caution to the wind and splash out and book a deluxe hotel in some far away exotic location without breaking the bank.

Knowing where to look is the key to fulfilling your dream travel plans allowing you to visit the far away luxury resort at affordable prices. The following ideas can help you to achieve your exotic vacation goals:

1. Use the World Wide Web to carry out your research! If you have access to the Internet you’ll find it relatively easy to find affordable travel offerings including flights, hotels, villas for rent, cruises and even car rentals. Most tourist related establishments in this vast world of ours now have detailed websites, so you can “visit” them and get all the information you need prior to actually completing your travel plans. You could also contact the sellers directly and get more information.

2. Being flexible about the day and time of your travel can help tremendously. Many special offers and discounts can be found during the slower days of the week for both flights and accommodation. Airlines may offer six or eight flights to your exotic resort on any one day. If you have to leave in the morning, check out all the flights that leave in the morning. Airlines price tickets according to seat availability, so changing your time by just one hour or so may save you a great deal of money.

3. Consider travelling in a group such as a tour group, travel group or travel club. Group travel is usually booked ahead of time by travel agencies. They are able to buy in volume, frequently chartering a whole plane and booking a large block of Hotel Rooms, Villas or Luxury Apartments in order to receive maximum discounts.

4. Book as early as possible! Plan your vacation well in advance. Book your cruise a year in advance for the largest discounts, and take advantage of low rail fares just after the holidays. By making your vacation arrangements several months before your trip you typically get your choice of flights and accommodation at the cheapest rates.

5. Off-Season Travel is best. For example, travel to Mexico or the Caribbean in the summer months, in the winter accommodation and flights are more expensive. You can get better deals on Caribbean Cruises if you go in the fall versus winter or spring. Hawaii is more affordable from mid-September to mid-December. Europe’s best deals are available during their winter months when the locals are not on vacation.

6. With regard to Foreign Exchange, convert your money at a local bank for the best conversion rates. ATMs affiliated with major international banks are great, but be careful with foreign ATMs. It’s possible they might not charge you a fee but your bank just may well do. In order not to get any surprises you must check your bank’s policies before you depart on your vacation.

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Exotic Ranches: Unusual Animals Living in Texas

According to a recent study conducted by a variety of animal rights’ organizations, Texas is home to more exotic and endangered wildlife than anywhere else on the planet. These are not wild native animals that we are talking about here – Texas has some of the loosest laws and regulations regarding ownership and possession of exotic and endangered animals. This has led to a booming economy in the trade of exotic animals amongst private individuals. There is much controversy surrounding this topic, with heated debate amongst the different sides. Less controversial are the many ranches, zoos, and research institutions that give a home to exotic animals acquired from other institutions, and refuge to animals who were taken from irresponsible owners, or given up in exasperation at the cost of keeping such unique animals.

One such facility is the Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch located near Pilot Point, Texas. This 125-acre facility houses and cares for roughly 100 animals at any given time – around 60 of which are permanent residents, and the rest are short term rescues or foster animals. There are about thirty species represented, including kangaroos, sloths, and a variety of monkeys. Some of the animals that they house are endangered species, such as the Nubian Ibex, several lemur species, and a very strange animal called a binturong. The facility is open to the public from March through November, on Saturdays and Sundays only. They offer private tours for groups, for which reservations must be made 2 weeks in advance.

Texas Disposal Systems owns an animal ranch called the Exotic Game Ranch. Here, over 2,000 individuals from 100 species reside, which represent six of the seven continents. Some of these are especially exotic animals that can only be seen in a few places around the world: Barbary Sheep, Black Rhino, Fossa, Grevey Zebra, and all kinds of antelope. The TDS Exotic Game Ranch hosts many community fundraiser events, contributing back to the community significantly each year.

The Exotic Resort Zoo near Johnson City, Texas, is located on 137 acres of land and is unique in that it is a combination zoo, safari land, and resort. Visitors can stay in cabins overlooking various animal enclosures, making for an especially intimate experience. Zoo tours and safaris run every day of the week, and offer close-up encounters with curious and friendly Buffalo, Camel, Giraffe, Zebra, and more. A petting zoo lets children and adults of all ages to physically touch friendly kangaroos, llamas, and deer species. The zoo has over 500 individuals from around 80 different species, showing a wide range of diversity which always awes visitors.

Texas is a huge state with lots of land, and therefore there are many places in which to visit and interact with unusual wild animals. The afore-mentioned are great places to visit for a start, and with a little internet searching of your own, you are sure to find even more exotic animal ranches to visit in Texas!

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Relaxation to the Max – 2015′s Top Ten Spa Resorts

Each year, people seek more and more exotic locations and ways to relax. This article will cover the Top Ten Spa Resorts around the world that will immerse you in a world of comfort and luxury, and leisure.

Greece & Cyprus

Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas

At the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa lies the beautiful country of Crete. At the Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas, located in northeast Create on a picturesque hill overlooking the private bay and inviting beach, guests are treated like Athenian gods and goddesses with deluxe spa treatments that purify, revitalize, and awaken the mind, body, and spirit. With private balconies, private seawater pools, guests can relax to the max and forget the troubles of the world.

Nikki Beach Resort & Spa

One of the best ways to experience the Greek Riviera is to stay and repose at the Nikki Beach Resort & Spa in Porto Heli. Upon arrival you will be engulfed in beauty and wonder as you gaze from a suite with panoramic views of the Aegean and the sparkling sea. Travelers looking to relax and revive themselves can be whisked away to Nikki Spa where you can be pampered with a fabulous combination of traditional and modern therapeutic techniques coupled with the world’s finest spa ingredients. Spa treatments can be personalized to fit your needs and desires by a team of highly trained therapists eager to please.

Spain & Canary Islands

Barceló Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa

Escape into the lush mountains of the Sierra Cortina Mountains and melt away all tension and stress at the Barceló Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa. This exotic resort boasts over 150,000 plants and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. Bath in the soothing Turkish pools, spoil yourself with a Thai massage, or just renew your spirit in the gardens akin to those of Asia. Relaxation is just a few steps away with suites that have jacuzzi ladened terraces or take a dive in the heated indoor pool. Holidays have never been so relaxing.

Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa

Awe-inspiring views are just the beginning of a holiday that will leave you feeling rested and tranquil. The Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa is located along the pristine coast of Mallorca. Luxury is elevated to a new level when you enter this world where your wishes are the staff’s pleasure. Get super star spa treatments in one of their ten private treatment rooms, or sweat out the toxins of life in a steam room or sauna.

Indian Ocean

The Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa Mauritius

This is one island where being stranded would actually be inviting. Nestled in the heart of the beautiful and peaceful Turtle Bay, guests spend days lazily along the turquoise and emerald lined beaches while dining on the finest Mauritian cuisine on the planet. The spa is simply divine with its sauna, steam rooms, jacuzzis, and top-of-the-line spa services that will have your body begging for more!

Maia Luxury Resort & Spa

This lush tropical paradise is perfect for the guests that craves privacy and tranquility. Located on a very private peninsula off the coast of Mahé, the Maia Luxury Resort and Spa graciously provides villas with private pools, personal butler service, indescribable ocean views and gazebos. This spa resort has an award-winning Balinese style spa that places targeted emphasis on relaxation. Stay here and rest assure, you will return home anew.


Castello Del Nero Hotel & Spa

As a guests at the Castello Del Nero Hotel & Spa, you will be treated as royalty. Located in a converted castle of the 12th century resting upon 740 gorgeous acres consisting of vineyards, olive groves, and rolling hills, this spa will have you feeling like the prince or princess you truly are! Guests can unwind in the area’s very first (and exclusive) destination spa. This spa utilizes the latest in holistic healing and treatments with facials, massages, and other decadent spa treatments which are a great way to start a day that can be filled with horseback riding through the countryside, hot air ballooning, or winetasting.

Arabian Gulf

Emirates Palace

Are you ready to be treated as the king or queen that you are? Emirates Palace is one of the most world renowned hotel and spa resorts in the world. Famous for its manicured gardens and outstanding stretch of beach along the Arabian Gulf, the Emirates Palace is the creme de la creme of resorts. Be waited on hand and foot by your personal butler as you sit back was relax in the spa. This hotel is frequented by some of the most wealthy and famous people on the planet and is rated as THE best place to stay for opulence and posh service and settings.

One & Only Royal Mirage – Residence & Spa

If you are searching for massive waves of calm, then the One & Only Royal Mirage is the place to be. Pools shaded by luscious palm trees, cooling fountains, and mystical gardens is the foundation of an experience of a lifetime. Guests can let go and let the well trained hands of the staff at the Health & Beauty Institute massage, knead, relax, and coddle you in one of the 12 private treatment rooms.

Far East

The Pavilions Phuket

This five-star resort hideaway is located on the very private section of Layan Beach along the dazzling coast of the Andaman Sea. The Pavilions Phuket has 49 private pool villas with beautiful panoramic ocean and hillside views. Guests can received specialized spa treatments rooted in Thai tradition or you may feel more at home with one of their Westernized spa rituals. A stay here is guaranteed to leave you feeling revived, renewed, and refreshed!

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Make Your Stay Comfortable in Corbett at Exotic Resorts

Corbett National Park, a paradise for the sassy wildlife lovers in India and an ultimately adoring place that can be explored and enjoyed and at the same time makes you fall in love with its heavenly and divine beauty that covers extremely beautiful Corbett exotic parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

The Jim Corbett Park consists of the endangered species mainly the tigers, which the park proudly consists of along with more than 600 species of birds, leopards, bears, foxes and more. The vegetation of the park of Corbett is extremely beautiful and gives a picturesque view that makes the viewer to think how beauty imbibes your senses and makes the visit to these parks a memorable experience of the lifetime while giving a huge variety of flora and fauna to the wildlife survival.

Corbett is not less than a heaven, which makes your heart and soul sing for its beauty with extreme moderate climatic conditions all throughout the year, with a splendid natural cocktail of hills, grass lands, marshy depressions, picturesque lakes and plants.

If you are considering the visit to this divine place, the comfortably manifested living standard followed by the luxury of some mind boggling resorts in Corbett adds a magnificent jewel to the complete crown of Corbett visit. While you consider a healthy and enjoyable accommodation to make your visit the most beautiful of all, the luxury resorts give you the finest of deals in creating this relaxing and enjoyable experience in the best possible manner.

Consider staying at one of these top most and the finest of resorts that offer you more than just a place to rest your head for the night providing the world class amenities and services to its customers.

Set amidst the beauty of the lush green mountains these luxury resorts and hotels in Corbett are endowed with the facilities of the most outfitted elegant interiors with user friendly access and eco-friendly environment.

The aura and the ambience of the restaurants is so awe-striking and beautifully manifested, the variety of cuisines and food offered makes the foodie in you crave for some more!! The facilities of amphi-theatre, spas are some highlighting amenities provided by the resorts and hotels in Corbett National Park.

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